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05/25/2018 Forbes: Five Tips On Entrepreneurial Success For Emerging Millennials

05/19/2018 Entrepreneur Podcast Network: Tech From Vets President Jeff Shuford Joins QRC Board

04/23/2018 Jacksonville Business Journal: Helping to grow African-American business on the First Coast

03/01/2018 Buzz Magazine: Business Spotlight Jeff Shuford

02/21/2018 Jacksonville Business Journal: African-American Business Forum & Reception

02/17/2018 Jacksonville Business Journal: Jeff Shuford's Black History Month Centerpiece 2018

01/25/2018 Forbes: Three Branding Practices Influencers Should Keep Top Of Mind

01/17/2018 Forbes: 15 Things Leaders Should Be More Cognizant Of In The Workplace

01/17/2018 Jacksonville Business Journal: 4 ways to become an impactful brand

12/19/2017 The Business Journals: Two unprecedented ways to differentiate your brand from your competitors in 2018

12/13/2017 Forbes: 15 Inspiring Podcasts For Professionals Of Every Stripe

12/13/2017 Forbes: How Your Brand Can Have A Bigger Digital Footprint In 2018

11/30/2017 Forbes: Nine Unique Ways To Brand Yourself As A Thought Leader

11/27/2017 Entrepreneur Magazine: Why You Should Hire One of These People to Tell Your Brand's Story

10/26/2017 Entrepreneur Magazine: How Branding Through Published Content Can Rapidly Grow Your Small Business

10/19/2017 Entrepreneur Magazine: 3 Branding Goals I Know You Can Accomplish This Year

09/25/2017 Entrepreneur Magazine: 5 Things Rock-star Managers Wish They'd Known Earlier

08/03/2017 Forbes: Bored At Work? Here's What You Can Do To Feel Motivated Again

07/28/2017 Forbes: 18 Ways To Get Better At Working Under Pressure

07/21/2017 Forbes: Branding Yourself With Jeff Shuford

07/11/2017 Spotlight: Meet Jeff Shuford, President of Tech From Vets and Co-Founder of the Vets 22 App

06/30/2017 Forbes: Stop Being Humble And Tell The World How Great You Are

06/29/2017 Market Watch: Wounded Warrior Project Empowers Veterans to Start Their Own Business

06/19/2017 Jacksonville Business Journal: Startup community eager for One Spark 2017

06/14/2017 News4Jax: Vetrepreneur Summit helps transitioning military be their own boss

06/09/2017 WJCT: Jacksonville Vetrepreneur Summit

06/06/2017 Entrepreneur Podcast Network: Interview With The Award-Winning Technologist Jeff Shuford

05/30/2017 Entrepreneur Magazine: Want to Create an Indispensable Mobile App? Do This!

05/17/2017 Tech From Vets Launches Mobile App to Save Veteran’s Lives

05/16/2017 Buzz Magazine: 5 Minutes With Tech From Vets

04/30/2017 Inc Magazine: Tech From Vets Verified Profile

04/27/2017 Jacksonville Business Journal: Drayton Florence 40 Under 40

04/13/2017 Forbes Sports Money: How A Retired NFL Star Is Accelerating The Growth of Veteran-owned Businesses

03/23/2017 Press Release: Tech From Vets Executive Named To Jacksonville's 40 Under 40 List

03/21/2017 Sports illustrated: Ex-NFL player Drayton Florence develops app to help military veterans

03/15/2017 NFL Network: Drayton Florence Discusses Latest Venture Tech From Vets

03/06/2017 Digital Journal: Tech From Vets Launches The Vets 22 App To Help Save Veterans Lives

02/23/2017 Buzz TV: Tech From Vets Interview

02/20/2017 Huffington Post: How Iraq War, and NFL Veterans Launched an App that Saves Lives

02/16/2017 MSNBC: Tech From Vets Introduces Vets 22: The Mobile App That Veterans Find Resources Quickl

01/02/2017 Patch: Tech from Vets: The Best Digital Marketing Solution To Take Your Business To New Height

12/29/2016 Business Spotlight: Tech From Vets

12/28/2016 Jacksonville Business Journal: Exclusive: Why this veteran organization and veteran business partnered together

12/26/2016 Huffington Post: A Retired NFL Superstar Dominating the Tech Space

12/13/2016 Huffington Post: Top 5 Emerging Veteran Tech Founders of 2017

12/12/2016 Tech Cocktail: Virtual Reality Companies Are Primed To Make A Big Push In 2017

11/16/2016 Huffington Post: Dr. Jeff Shuford's Tech from Vets: The Best Veteran Owned Tech Startup of 2016

11/10/2016 Breakaway Daily: Interview with Breakaway Daily Technology Award Recipient Tech From Vets

08/28/2016 2016 Electronic Data Intelligence Technology Writers’ Award Recipient Jeff Shuford

08/23/2016 Jacksonville Business Journal: Meet the Iraq War veteran who self-taught himself to code and launched his own tech company

08/15/2016 Goody Technology: The Most Innovative Veteran Owned Startup Of 2016: Tech From Vets

08/01/2016 Huffington Post: Tech From Vets: The Future Of Veteran-Owned Tech Companies

06/07/2016 On Air With Sir: Technology from our Vets!

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