Tech From Vets President & Forbes Contributor Jeff Shuford Launches New Brand

Last year Jeff Shuford emerged in the development industry as a bonified mobile application and website development expert, helping countless brands expand their digital footprint. As time progressed and the media features piled on, Shuford developed a passion for assisting other entrepreneurs in learning the proper way to build their personal and professional brands. "After our company was named the Best Veteran Owned Tech Startup of 2016 by the Huffington Post I knew we were increasing our impact. I also noticed that our web and app clients struggled to promote their innovations. Developing this brand to help small business professionals accelerate their growth is truly life-changing," stated Shuford. 

Soon after Shuford and his organization were featured in Sports Illustrated, the publications started calling. His first major column was with the Huffington Post, shortly after he was accepted as a Forbes contributor. Interestingly, Entrepreneur Magazine noticed the popularity of his Forbes column and asked that he write for their publication. "I am honored when I receive an invitation to write for a major digital newspaper. My objective has always been to give something back and provide value. Anytime I have an opportunity to educate and inspire people it makes my journey worthwhile," stated Shuford. Shuford now has his sights set on The Business Journals, where he was recently brought on as a weekly contributor. 

Shuford's mission didn't stop with media mentions and significant contributions his goal was to launch a personal brand that would allow him the opportunity to empower business owners. Tech From Vets developed Shuford's website with one goal in mind, to showcase Shuford's skillset and expertise the most compelling way imaginable. "Attempting to put all of Jeff's accomplishments on a website proved to be a daunting task. "Although we strategize daily our team was blown away by the saturation of our brand digitally," stated Celeste Everett who serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Shuford's goal was not to establish a personal brand, however as the notoriety of his company grew, the journalist wanted to know more about the man behind the success. "My focus has always been on bringing value to our clients and innovation to the marketplace. Never would I have imagined that my brand would become so valuable," stated Shuford. 

With an increase in his notoriety, it made sense for the team to develop a website to compliment the acceleration of Shuford's personal brand. "We educate our clients on the importance of establishing a strong personal brand; now it seems like the perfect time to launch," stated the company's vice president Lonnell McCall. The website is a one-stop shop for everything digital branding. You can book a consultation, book Shuford for an upcoming speaking engagement, and also view his book and film portfolio. "A fun fact about Jeff many people don't know is that he has been the executive producer on several films. People are shocked when we send them his IMDB page," stated McCall. Shuford was recently a panelist for the Veterans of Influence facilitated by the Jacksonville Business Journal. "I was honored to have a great opportunity to speak as a Veterans of Influence panelist. Empowering and inspiring veterans is the reason I wake up every morning," emphatically stated Shuford. 

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