What's Invest In Veterans All About?

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Through the Invest In Veterans apps veteran business owners learn how to establish and grow their veteran-owned businesses with our innovative, easy to use, and feature-driven mobile and progressive web application. Invest In Veterans Week was founded by Vets 22 in partnership with Tech From Vets, Blue 32, and Vets Success 101, with the goal of empowering the public to invest in the veteran population through veteran-owned business sustainment, educational development, and mental health empowerment. In addition to empowering the public to invest in veteran-owned business enterprises, the Invest In Veterans app educates veterans on how to properly grow and run their businesses.

Invest In Veterans Innovative Features Include:

-Availability On All Web-Enabled Devices (Including Windows PC's & Amazon Devices) 
-Personal Profiles (Facebook Two-Factor Login Authentication)
-Veteran News & Financial Market Up To The Minute Updates
-Veteran Business Owner Podcasts & Television Interviews
-One Touch Veteran Business Owner Directory
-Watch The Latest From The Industries Leading Business Influencers
-Access To Nationwide Discounts (Sponsored By FLORIDA.COM)
-Veteran Business Owner Connection & Secure Messaging Services
-National Calander Displayed On The Pathfinder Menu
-Ability To Ask Questions Pertaining To Veteran Entrepreneurship
-Ability To Request A Mentor
-Ability To Become A Mentor
-Private Messaging
-User Memberships (Completely Free!)
-Interactive Event Calendars
-Full Access to Invest In Veterans Network of Mentors & Mentees
-Innovative UX/UI Developed By The Award-Winning Veteran Owned Company Tech From Vets

Invest In Veterans mobile applications & progressive web application are brought to you by the award-winning digital development team of Tech From Vets. Tech From Vets is a veteran-owned digital development company based in Northeast Florida. The company is run by Iraq War veteran and nationally syndicated columnist Jeff Shuford and National Football League veteran Drayton Florence. The innovative app team developed the award-winning Vets 22 and Tackling Food Safety apps. Tech From Vets merges veterans of the NFL and the military together in the tech space. The Invest In Veterans brand was launch after the digital development company was approved for Invest In Veterans Week to be observed as a national holiday by the National Day Calander. Invest In Veterans Week is celebrated every year (March 1st - March 7th).

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